Module Wise Learning Plan and Version number inclusion

Hi Team,

Writing this post on the academy to share 2 suggestions.

I propose implementing learning plans organized by modules, akin to our current structure of learning plans categorized by roles.

For instance, if I’m eager to delve into Modern Design, I’d appreciate a dedicated module where all relevant courses are systematically listed. Presently, when I search for “modern,” I’m only presented with three courses containing that term,

Potentially overlooking other pertinent courses like Object Repository and Descriptors, which are part of the same plan but not explicitly labeled as “modern.” Idea is to have a learning plan - where all these courses are listed in a order.

The concept can be extended to other modules like “Start with Selectors” or “Start with Excel Automation.” etc

While listing the search in the academy courses, it would enhance user experience if the version information of courses were integrated directly into their titles when listed in the academy. This would provide clearer differentiation between courses and eliminate the need to delve into additional information just to discern version details. Example for the below 2 courses only 1 has the version info.

Thank you for your time, please let me know if any additional inputs required from my end.

Hi @mukeshkala thank you for your valuable feedback. @Bianca.Dragu If you can help here. Thank you :pray:

Thank for tagging me @loredana_ifrim! @Angela_Pasol This topic seems more up your alley.