Mobile Automation - Swipe activity - What's the difference of Container & Target property?

Please see above pic,
1.what’s the difference between Container * Targer proprty? and what’s the use of it.
2.what’s the use of left corner icon?


The swipe activity is usually used to swipe inside a container element (like a table, scroll view etc…) till we find an element of interest , that is the target element. So we could use it to scroll in a form that has scroll view till we find an element that we need, like an “Add” button or something.

If the target element is not specified, the swipe activity will swipe in the indicated direction until the Max Number Of Swipes (there is an argument named like this on the activity) is reached.

Even if we specify the target element, we will perform the swipe until Max Number Of Swipes is reached so that we do not swipe indefinitely.

As for the icon in the left corner, this will appear from now on on all UiPath activities that have targets (UIAutomation, UiAutomation Next and Mobile). They indicate that the target is actually linked to a library object. You can find details in

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thank you ! well explained. i understood now

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