MLSkill returning no value

Hello everybody,

I’m facing an issue with my ML Skills, they aren’t extracting any values when I trained them.

Here are the steps I’ve made :
I’ve used an Out-of-the-box Package (9.0).
I’ve created a DataLabeling in which I’ve used a pre-labeling for invoices, but I’ve deleted most of the fields to keep those I’m interested in : Name, Date, Total and Invoice-no. I have 13 invoices in my DataSet.

After this, I’ve trained the package 9.0, which gives me a 9.1 package. The problem is that my Skill isn’t returning any result in my program.

I’ve tried to do it with or without GPU, no difference.

Good point :

  • My program seems to work because I have results with 9.0 Skill OR when using an endpoint for ML Extractor.

So the problem must be located in the ML Skill or in the DataLabeling ?

Any idea or any suggestion that could help me ?

Thank you,

Hello, can you please share more information on the error you see and how you are configuring the extraction call inside your workflow?

A couple areas for you to look at and to try:

  • Make sure you have deployed this v9.1 package to a ML Skill (e.g., let’s call this NewInvoice91)
  • Make sure your Studio is connected to the Orchestrator instance where this still is running
  • Try using the “GetCapabilities” feature inside the extractor configuration to make sure you can connect to your “NewInvoice91” skill and also get back the correct model schema
  • In the document classification, make sure the workflow is able to correctly classify the document type to be of an “invoice” type
  • In the extractor configuration, make sure you have mapped the appropriate model schema fields to your invoice taxonomy fields

Hope this helps!


here a few screenshots that may help to know where to look :slight_smile:

Hi All,
I am facing same issue with the ML skill returning no value/incorrect value or very few values (just 2 header fields are extracted correctly). I have done all these steps (ML extractor - configuration - get capabilities) etc… Refreshed many times. Still it looks like during extraction, it is not taking my ML skill. But it is taking a default ML skill for Invoice.

Can you pls help?