ML skill created

Hi Guys,

I have recently created my own ML skill and deployed it, however when using the ML skill I created which I trained to extract specific line items, the specific line items have not been extracted when passing validation station. Please can anyone assist on what could be the issue here

Hi @Aki1111

If the ML model was trained with insufficient data, it may not have learned the patterns and features required to accurately extract specific line items. Consider retraining the model with more data or improving the quality of the training data.

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@Nitya1 i have trained it with 20 documents for training and 20 for the evaluation set. The document is structured the only thing that is variable is the line items, do you think it will be worth adding another 10 and run the pipeline?

Yes please try with more set of data.

Hi @Aki1111 ,

Assuming that the model has been trained with appropriate data, I recommend verifying the extractor’s configuration in the studio workflow and ensuring that the taxonomy fields are accurately mapped.

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It should start giving you some output with 20 documents. I thing you need to check the taxonomy and configuration of the Machine learning extractor in Studio for table?