My skill is failing




Did you train the pipeline first?

Can you say what all you did please…and it wpuld be good to check the detailed log


What I did -

  1. Uploaded dataset
  2. ML Package
  3. ML Skiils
  4. Pipeline

Hi @Ritaman_Baral

I think you have created the ML Skill today only. For using the ML Skill we have to import the schema of the template that we want to train the documents in the document in the document manager. We have to import the sample documents and train them in the document manager. After that the ML Skill will updated based on your mapping field in the sample documents.

When you use the ML Skill in the ML extractors, it will scrap the exact data from documents.

You have created all Datasets, ML skill, pipelines and ML Packages but we have to train the documents based on the mapping fields. The AI Center is mainly used to train the documents.

Note - You can find the document manager in data Labelling tab in AI Center. After you import the schema the line items and header items will display. After all the documents are trained export the documents.

Hope it helps!!


The order should be

  1. upload dataset
  2. label(if needed)
  3. Choose ml package
  4. pipeline
  5. ML skill


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