Missing Start Process Activity

Hello there. I wanted to use the Start Process Activity in UiPath Studio, but I couldn’t locate it here. I am using Studio version 24.2.1. I also checked the filter and showed classic, but there was still no luck.

Hi @Pradumn_Chavan

Check whether you have the dependency UiPath.System.Activities or download the package by going to Manage packages-> All Packages-> Type package Name-> Click Install-> Click Save. You will be able to see Start Process


I already had this package available, however the error is happening again.


What compatibility are you on?

we can see that in windows



You will be able to see this in VB Windows Compatibility @Pradumn_Chavan


I can able see using this windows compatibility

Start Process is an activity offered by the UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities and categorized as a classic activity.


To approach it from the other side

You might have selected “Stuidio X” in license and profile, change it to “Studio”, in studio x, start process activity is not available