Missing activities - UIautomation installed

Hi all,

I have Uipath version 2019.1.0 installed. I want to use the activity ‘Type into’. This activity is not available. When I search the packages it shows that ‘Uiautomation.activities’ is already installed.
It seems that I am missing several activities:

I have tried to uninstal and reinstall and I have installed the core nuget package but this also did not work.

Thank you for the help!

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Hi @Tom01

Could you try this solution to clear the folders and then reinstall your Studio:

Hi @Loginerror,

I have done these steps and found the following:

-When opening existing projects it still does NOT include UIautomation activities.
-When creating a new blank process it does provide me the UIautomation activities.

Maybe it has something to do with the ‘repairing dependencies’?

When I copy the xaml files from my existing projects into the folder of the new blank process it seems to provide me the Uiautomation activities.

Ok I seem to have fixed the issue: I have closed Uipath, deleted the Json file named ‘Project’ and restarted the project: UIAutomation activities are showing and useable again!