Microsoft sharepoint/ onedrive Connect Help- ASAP

I am trying top connect UiPath to Microsoft sharepoint. It says admin should grant access.
Admin created a separate admin account for the UiPath to connect to sharepoint. It still says need access.

Admin is curious to know if there is any specific role that is needed for UiPath to get sharepoint/onedrive access?

What packages/activities are you using?

I am trying to connect from Integration Services

Getting this error

Been a while since setting this but I seem to recall having to go to an admin which had full azure admins permissions to grant the azure app permissions if that helps?

Admin is not comfortable in granting full azure admins permissions that’s the reason why he is asking what specific roles are required for the BOT to be able to connect to Sharepoint/Onedrive


If you are using integration services then UiPath app should be granted admin privileges no other route as of now…

Instead you can try using office 365 scope and you have multiple options where you canc reate your own azure app and give permissions as required

Here is the detailed permission set and how to use


I was granted admin access to sharepoint but I still see the same error

Am I missing anything here?


Yhe following is to be granted…that is access to 3rd party apps


I think I don’t have permission to save the change

Should I reach out to admin and ask him to grant it?


Exactly that is what is to be done as you dont have these permissions even if you click connect it is asking for admin again

Please reach out to your admin team and ask them to grant


I think we already have permission to User consent apps… But it still say unable to connect


Can you please reconfirm …because as per error I can see UiPath apps is not allowed yet


User consent to app is checked by default
The admin prof also looks same
So we are not sure what’s causing error

I did some reading And i got this link

I will try that tomorrow and keep you posted. Thanks for the help

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I used integration service to connect to Sharepoint. Connection was successful. But when using “use sharepoint” activity permissions needed window is appearing… permissions were granted and the connection was successful already

Can anyone help me on this


In studio are you able to see the configured mail id…ideally you should be anle to see it and we only need to select it from dropdown…check in which folder intergation service is created