microsoft,office.interop.Application Compiler Error while creating an intance

Hi ,
Am facing an Issue while Creating as intance of
While use this in the assin activity
xlapp= NEW

xlapp is type of microsoft,office.interop.Application

So i am just facing an error
‘application is ambiguous in the namespace Microsoft.Office.interop.Application’

can any one help me out with i tried searching but there was no best answer for it???

Hey @sanjay21051990

You can do it easily :slight_smile: and via Invoke Code Activity also you can do.
in sample just showing you Uipath way :slight_smile:
Excel Object Sample.xaml (5.6 KB)


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hi @aksh1yadav ,
thanks for the update now am able to get after adding the Assembly reference manually
anyway thanks to u once it really helped me…

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Hi Akshay,

if possible can you show us a simple excel cell formatting (font) using this in UiPath way.