Microsoft Dynamics Navision - Strange delays before UI interactions

Hi there
today I found a very strange behaviour in UI-Activities. I just tried to do a little “smoke test” if UiPath would do it’s job in MS Dynamics.
The very first UI-related activity takes very very much time to process. Lets say a ‘click’ in a simple test sequence: The 1st click takes about 40 seconds till the mouse hits the button. 2nd and 3th click are fast as usual. This works even if I build a few sequences that invoke each other. I mean I can live with this issue but it makes developement very hard because its hard to unit-test short sequences.
What I’ve already tried:

  • WaitForReady modes
  • Different methods to interact with the UI like Type or find Element
  • Downgraded the activities package to a few versions (2019, 2018)
  • Tested all Ui Frameworks using F4
  • Tried click activities in other programs for testing like Notepad etc. It worked perfectly there.
  • No insight what UiPath is doing by using Debug.
  • Different modifications of the selector
  • Published the robot and started it from Agent. Same result.
    What I’ve observed:
  • in 90% of tests, the selector validation is as fast as expected. but sometimes, the validation takes a few minutes or infinite time.
  • Many elements do not return text when using GetText or simply the string “caption”

I work with UiPath since years but I’ve never seen something like this:) It seems like UiPath has to explore Navision somehow before it can interact with it.

Hi Janick,

The problem here might be the fact that Navision 365 sometimes, does not respond properly to certain API calls. In this case, the top-level tag of the selector contains the ‘title’ attribute and it’s interrogation is returned by the Navision app very slowly.
The solution is to include the ‘ctrlname’ attribute and remove the ‘title’ attribute from the first activity top-level selector.

Hope this helps,

Thank you for helping Gheorghe!! Now it works as expected.

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