Method not found: 'Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.SyntaxTree..........' error while invoking code

Method not found: ‘Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.SyntaxTree…’ error while invoking code(Invoke code has code)

I tries different packages, different name spaces. but nothing worked so far. When I close studio and run the code, it works, but then the second time it fails with that exception. Can someone help here please? I tried lot of options listed on the forum, but no luck so far

Screenshot below


Which version of Studio and UiPath.System.Activities package do you use?

InvokeCode activity in UiPath.System.Activities package 21.10 (or higher) doesn’t support Studio 21.4 or lower as the following document.

So, If your environment is like the above, can you try upgrade your Studio to 21.10 etc OR downgrade System.Activities package to 20.10 etc.


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