MessageDigest in VB/C# using UiPath

Hi guys, I have a JAVA code that works perfect for Digesting string. Now I have tried changing it to fit in UiPath, they both work but producing different results. See below original JAVA code and how I change it to fit in UiPath.


       String dgStr = "TestingStringDigestion";

       byte[] enc = MessageDigest.getInstance("SHA-256").digest(dgStr.getBytes());

       Console.WriteLine( new String(Base64.encodeBase64(enc)) );


       Assign Activity |=>  dgStr = "TestingStringDigestion"

    Hash Text Activity |=>  Algorithm = SHA256  :  Text = dgStr
       Assign Activity |=>  dgStrBytes [] = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(dgStrBytes)
       Assign Activity |=>  dgStrFLN = String.Join("", dgStrBytes)

   Write Line Activity |=>  System.Convert.ToBase64String(dgStrFLN).ToString

I would like know is the conversion above correct, and why does it produce different results.


How about the following?


Sequence.xaml (5.6 KB)


Thanks @Yoichi , I have tested and gives me impressive results.

I tested with str = “4534apikey20210511112200”

8HnY2LtSzryi7Ls0hIToBEAfV1QZ7BM7pg8tdNewj/I= (Results in JAVA)
20LfpgXlT05Aw228mq8x+/4otMxs919XNOQ8cLYGHGo= (Results in UiPath)

I have observer that they are not the same, although they have same length.

Is this normal / OK ?


In UiPath way, we can check its steps using online sites as the following.

First, calculate SHA256

Then, encode Base64.

Can you check which is difference with UiPath about sha256 or base64encode in Java?


Thank you @Yoichi , I checked and found out there ok. It was the date that was changing on the java code. I appreciate your help.

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