Message: No data is available for encoding 1252

I repeated the steps mentioned in the tutorial video titled "
Data Manipulation With Lists and Dictionaries in Studio

When I run the process, this message pup ups: "Message: No data is available for encoding 1252. For information on defining a custom encoding, see the documentation for the Encoding.RegisterProvider method.

Exception Type: System.NotSupportedException"

Demo - Working with Lists (1).zip (2.7 KB)


I guess its vbProperCase. This will convert the given string to proper case…not sure what you have written there. Try changing to this…and the valid ones that you can pass as second argument to strconv are here

StrConv Function - Microsoft Support.


StrConv(City, VbStrConv.ProperCase)


In For loop did you change the type argument to string?

If yes then can you delete and recreate same …As what you gave is correct…unless there are special characters or something different in string or the property is wrong it should not fail…can you log what is there in string



I happened to run the workflow that you attached and I am getting no error. I guess some dependency issue is there…can you try deleting replacing this in the location

C:\Users\Username\.nuget\packages (878.3 KB)

I guess there is some dependency issue.Can try renaming itand then re load UiPath it would be redownloaded as well.


yeah did that and still