Message Box row(excel).ToString

Good day,

I have a robot that goes throw an excel sheet and searches the row values in a file system.
Unfortunately, it gives not always the right string back from the excel.
And I can not find the mistake.
This is the excel: NM1.xlsx (21.5 KB)
This is the xaml: Main.xaml (17.3 KB)
The values A, B, C, D… it gives correct back, but the Carnival Sensation and the Carnival Fascination gives it wrong back.There is just an empty message box.
Please help me.

you need to give regex pattern there!

What exactly do I have to insert there?
I am just 2 weeks familiar with UiPath.

why are you using ismatches actually?

you just want firstcolumn values orderly right?

Because I wanted to check whether the filename is in the file system.

Yeah for now just firstcolumn

do this row(0).tostring

I changed it in the message box: image
And inside the Is Match i have: row(0).ToString…
Still got for the names no output

dont pass row(0).ToString in IsMatches
what are you checking actually?

show me what name is printing

I am trying to check weather the string is in my file system.
Also when I just change it in the message box.
I got an empty output.

do this in if condition instead of Found
row(0).ToString.Contains(name) remove ismatches activity!
like this

Now it just skips the big Strings.

The files stored like this:

okay do onething!
1 - read range get output as outDataTable
2 - use For each row and pass outDataTabel inside for each loop
get paths from the file use Matches Activity and pass this expression in Pattern property [\w,\s-]+.[A-Za-z]{3} this will give you file name!
and use condition like this

Could you provide me the code?

it may take some time!

I would really appreciate it because I am not really good used to UiPath

1 Like (46.1 KB) just change the path of excel and folder path and try !

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