Merge more than two datable into one

Suggest me how to merge more than two data table into one.

For example - i have 4 data table i need to merger into one single datable

Help me

hi @kavinnatarajan

check this:



If all DataTables have same no. of columns and same column headers then you can use Merge DataTable activity to merge all DataTables.

Im aware of Merge datatable activity - but my question here is - can i merge with only one merge datatble activity ; or should i use multiple merge datatable.
Can i add multiple datatable in source?


hope these steps would help you resolve ths
–use a assign activity liket his
arr_datatable = {datatablvariable1, datatablevariabl2,datatablevariable3}
where arr_datatable is a varaible of type array of ( where we can get this browse type

–use a build datatable activity and create a datatable with same structure and get the output with a variabble named finaldt
–now use a FOR EACH activity and pass the above variable as input
and change type argument as in the property panel
–inside the loop use MERGE DATATABLE activity and mention like item in source property and destination property with finaldt

this will merge them to finaldt

Cheers @kavinnatarajan

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