Merge/Group records in Data table or Excel

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I’m thinking if it is possible or if there’s a way to group data table or excel? Please see below example for your reference. Thanks

Sample data:

Expected output or should be processed:

What I wanted to achieve is to remove or merge the records if they have the same Name, Age, Work, and Private or Public regardless if the ID is different.

Any idea on how to build this? Thanks

hi @Callos_James_AU
use join datatable activity… :blush:

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Hello @shalinisettu Thanks for your prompt response! Unfortunately, I haven’t tried to use the join datatable activity and I thought that only works if you’re using two or more tables. Appreciate if you could enlighten me on this one please? A sample will do if you have time. Thanks heaps! :slight_smile:

create a new table, do a for each loop for every dt and add it row by row to the new dt…

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We can get a DataTable which has no ID and non-duplicated, as the following expression.

dt.DefaultView.ToTable("newDT",True,"Name","Age","Work","Private or Public")

If we need ID column, the following steps are required.

  1. Add ID Columns to the above newDT using Add Data Column activity.
  2. SetOrdinal to the ID column using Invoke Method activity
  3. Fill ID data using for each row activity



Hello @shalinisettu I tried @Yoichi suggestion and it worked.

Hello @Yoichi it worked perfectly fine. Good stuff!


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