Merge dua datatable

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ada yg pernah merger 2 datatable yg berbeda jadi satu? pakai activity merger datatable hasilnya malah seperti ini

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The above two DataTables doesn’t contain any common columns because of that you are getting such output.

If there is no common columns between two DataTables and you know the last column in the first column then you can try below way.

  1. Use Read Range activity to read the second DataTable. Let’s say dtInput.

  2. And then use Write Range activity two write into First excel file and pass DataTable as dtInput and Range as “E1”.

memangnya anda ingin output yang seperti apa?

yes it’s the last alternative, but is it possible without excel, only using datatable ?

Outputnya ingin seperti gambar kedua ,
kendalanya ada 2 datatable ingin di merger namun hasilnya seperti gambar pertama.


thank for your input. \you are correct that merge 2 Datatable must have similar header columns.

i guess UiPath need to put more information regarding this condition because I cannot find it on


Hi @KomunitasRPAIndonesia,

If you want to merge both the data tables, Use Merge Datatable activity provided by UiPath and in the properties panel Select Add option in Missing schema option.


_test (1).xaml (33.7 KB)
ini untuk workflow nya,
baca jumlah colom data excel 1
ubah jumlah colom+1 ke alphabet
tulis datatable 2 dengan range colom+1 yg sudah jadi alphabet

bisa di ultilasi pakai invoke workflow biar ga panjang ,
dan covert ke alphabetnya masih belum optimal

but heyy it works la haha


@jessbrian yang membuat konversi


you are correct but the output is not what i expected, you can see from 2nd picture.

what output do you want?


like this

heres solution from @AndersJensen
it can produce the output with 2 datatable diffrent column
Main.xaml (8.4 KB)
test - Copy.xlsx (7.8 KB)
test.xlsx (9.2 KB)

but you cannot have same excel header ya


HI @pravin_calvin if you have any better solution it will be very helpful , caused even i cannot seems to find the perfect answer for this

Hi @Ahmad_Rais

Have a seen on the xaml that you have provided its seems its reliable approach!


Thank you !

terima kasih atas solusinya master.

ini udah sesuai yang gw harapkan.

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