Merge Datatables into a Datatable by Column

Is there a way to merge Datatables by column?

I have two Datatables(EmployeeDataDT and AttorneyDataDT), each of which has one column. Both of these DTs were created by OCRtext out of a PDF.

I would like the resultant Datatable to have 2 columns with data from EmployeeDataDT in the first Column and AttorneyDataDT in the second column.

I have the merge working but it is putting EmployeeDataDT in row 1 and then AttorneyDataDT in row 2.

I just need to know how to put them next to each other in separate columns.

Any help you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated.


those DT have the same number of rows?

Yes. They each have one row.

what? why do you have a datatable to hold only one row and column? if it is that easy i would just create a new datatable with 2 columns and create a row manually…

I’m doing a for each row over a set of pdfs. I’m scraping from each pdf, pulling out the employee data and the attorney data. Then I’m trying to append the info to an excel spreadsheet.

I tried to build the datatable but I couldn’t figure out how to put the two variables into the table…

Add Data Row Activity
ArrayRow = {VariableForColumn1, VariableToColumn2}

May seem like a dumb question but where do I put that code?

Well, you need to add an activity that is called Add Data Row, it has a property called ArrayRow and its value should be like: {VariableForColumn1, VariableToColumn2}

That worked! I really appreciate the help. You can go into the weekend knowing that you made someone’s day way better…

Thanks so much,


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