Merge columns

Assume I have a columns


20 0
30 30
90 0
0 45

I need output as

So, you want to add both the columns right? @Sweety_Girl

Yes,Combine both

You have 30 and 30 in your row and your output is also 30. So, you just want to get the max value or the first value? Could you please explain a bit more

is it like adding or merging or getting the max or min value
kindly elaborate a bit more on this pls

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Both are same, the same value is taken

What if one value is 60 and another is 45? Which value you need to get?

It wont come in that way

So, using max will help you in all the cases. So, use the formula as =Max(A2,B2) in the C2 cell and then use auto fill range to write the data in all the remaining rows of the excel…

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This(Max) is not needed in my case …

So, do you need to do that in any other way?

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The use case here is,

I will have a column A with all details,
sometimes the column A will miss a value and it will be in column B and vice verse
sometimes the column A & B may contain same value

Just make it 1 column

Hi @Sweety_Girl,

Please find attached workflow and example data sheet for your solution. Hope you are looking for the same.

If it helps you, please mark this as solution and close this thread.

Main.xaml (9.7 KB) New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx (9.5 KB)


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Thank you

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