Menu orchestrator error

Hello, in left side menu i have error like this

hi @AG_Tech

Can You Logout and login once again

Yes, i logout and login still same problem and i clean cookies


Can You Login into different browser like edge or firefox

In edge

I try login in on the other pc and still the same problem

Can You check the extension and login in incognito window
Hope it helps!

incoginto without extensions

This look like network issue can you change your network to other provider and test if that helps

I try hotspot from phone, still the same problem…

The issue only shows in the orchestrator tab, when I’m on the default page, everything is okay.


The problem is not solved yet, read my post again

Try these :

  1. Try to disable any browser extensions that might be causing conflicts, and then try accessing Orchestrator again.
  2. Clear cache and login again
  3. Upgrading or downgrading Orchestrator
  4. Verify that you have the necessary permissions to view the menu.

The problem resolved itself; it’s possible that the new version of the orchestrator fixed my issue.

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