Mathematical Operators in DataTable


I have a DataTable with three columns. In column 0 and column 1 there are numbers as integers.

I want to add column 0 with column 1 and write the result to column 2.

I write this in the activity Assign:
var_ExcelDataTable(0)(2) = var_ExcelDataTable(0)(0) + var_ExcelDataTable(0)(1)

Unfortunately, the mathematical operator is not used.

Is there a solution?

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You were almost done
Kindly try with this expression
var_ExcelDataTable.Rows(0)(2) = Convert.ToInt32(var_ExcelDataTable.Rows(0)(0))+ Convert.ToInt32(var_ExcelDataTable.Rows(0)(1))

Cheers @Kytyzow

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var_ExcelDataTable.Rows(0)(2)) = Convert.ToInt32(var_ExcelDataTable.Rows(0)(0))+ Convert.ToInt32(var_ExcelDataTable.Rows(0)(1))

this works fine :slight_smile:

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