Matches activity regex only return first match



I’m trying to filter the bodies of emails for email adresses in case of an automatic response, where an alternative contact is being mentioned.(ultimately I want to forward the email to that contact)

Unfortunately I’m failing at finding a good way to filter for the email address, since each automatic response looks/ is built differently.

ATM I’m trying to filter for “LabelBefore”, which is "Mail: " and “LabelAfter”, which is "strong text ". (an alternative would be cutting after the expression, which ends in “.com” or “.de”)

Unfortunately it doesn’t return matches, only a notification to the effect of “more/ less matches found”

Anyone know how to solve this?
I think it would be best to return only the first match, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that -,-

does anyone have suggestions on how I coul improve this/ fix this issue?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @J.Rehmann,

In your Regex expression, please try to remove the question mark and let us know if it works.


Hi @acaciomelo,

thanks for your quick reply! I tried it and the notification doesn’t show anymore :slight_smile:
buuut now it shows the following notification:

Component failed: parsing …
does that mean, my phrases haven’t been found/ there was no match for the parameters?



I’m not sure, it seems that it was not capable of executing the regex function probably because it didn’t find the strings contained in your variables, however it shouldn’t thrown an error. I would suggest you to use another regex pattern and probably you will have better results.

I suggest you to use the following website in order to test your regex, it’s very helpful.


I will try that, thanks for your help! :smiley: