Matches activity regex issue

Hello, I want to use the matches activity in a text. I have a variable and I want to get data between my variable and the end of the text.
How should I use a regex command can someone help me?

Can you say some sample like Input and output .


This is my text(input)

Test (Test) Registration, Test, my_variable, OutputVariable

This is my output variable


I want to get data between my_variable and the end of the text(end of the OutputVariable).

can you please be more specific?
like with an example?


Think of an article. there is a specific word in this article for example ‘Apple’. And I want to get the text between ‘Apple’ and the end of the article.

Is it clear?
@Priyanka_Ramesh @Pradeep_Shiv

Input String : "abcdefgh aaa ijklmnopqrrstuvwxyz"


Output :" ijklmnopqrrstuvwxyz"

if I want to use it as a variable can I use it like that?

my_variable = “aaa”

Yes pattern is a string .
you can use it like “(.*)(?:”+ my_variable+")+"

this command catches the previous ones, not the ones after the variable

StringReplace.xaml (6.0 KB)