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Hello Great minds, Will like to get for only MON and not KMON, this is the expression I am using, please assist:
“PRES KMON98778932TECH credit 00000786 as MON98734521TECH”
When I run the regular expression MON\D+\tech for the words above it gives the first match as answer but I want the second match, the regex must match words starting with MON and not KMON but the rows are dynamic some have “PRES credit 00000786 as MON98734521TECH” while some have
“PRES KMON98778932TECH credit 00000786 as MON98734521TECH”

Try …


Hi @RPA-botDev,
try the following:

You will just have to format the output (to remove the whitespace at the beginning), for example if your output result is stored in outputVar, you need to assign outputVar = outputVar.Trim

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Thanks ydimitrova

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