Marketplace BUG 🪲 - cannot download Resources

It seems I cannot download documents from activities - Resources.
It does not work for all Marketplace packages, both in Chrome and Firefox so I suspect the problem is on your side.

Hey @Roman_hruska Thanks for pointing this out. Could you please let me know for which activities did you try to download and didn’t work? Thanks much

As I said - all. I cannot download the Resources (manuals) for all activities
few examples:

Hey @Roman_hruska ! Got it - it’s rather strange since we did a couple of tests with different accounts on both Chrome and IE and didn’t experience this issue. I’d like to take a closer look, is it ok if we schedule a 15’ zoom to have a look?


Hey @Roman_hruska I think we managed to nail it down - can you pls confirm if when you’re trying to download the doc. you are not logged-in with your marketplace account?


@AlinCopoiu thanks for working on this :wink:
I am not logged in when I try to download it.

Hey @Roman_hruska - thanks for confirming. This is the intended behavior, restrict file download for users not signed in, implemented as a request from our security team. When logged in, you should be able to download it without any problems. Thank you.

Aha… That is probably the worst implemented as possible :smiley: But thank you for explanation.
No offense, but you need some UX engineers really.

@Roman_hruska - No offense taken, thanks for the fair feedback :slight_smile: . Just wanted to be transparent about the underlying reason behind that issue. We’re aware of the usage limitation brought by it and is on our radar. To get the full picture of your use case, you downloaded the nupkg from Studio and went to Marketplace to check the doc related to it? Thanks much

Yes, I installed the package from Studio and went to read the documentation.
Quick fix: instead of having the link put there “Sign In to view the documentation”.

Yes, we’ll definitely consider displaying a placeholder to show the account state, as visitor. Thanks

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