Managing Orchestrator Workload

We’re developing an automation that processes a certain number of emails in a week. Requirement is to process all the emails within the same week. We’re planning to run the automation in production using one robot from 9am – 5pm Mon-Fri.

The process controller has raised concern that he should know how much workload is going to be processed by the robot in a day, so that all the emails could be processed within the week before the automation is triggered via orchestrator.

So, if there are unexpected large number of emails in the Inbox on any day in a week.

  1. Is there a way for process controller to know this beforehand prior to the automation being triggered via orchestrator?
  2. In this scenario, can the process controller mitigate the risk by allocating more than one robot to process all the emails?


I would say than having queue would meet both of your requirements.

A first process would load a queue and could report all the item load to be approved.

once the Queue Loading would be approved, you could have a Work queue process which could work this queue under certain condition like for example only dealing with a certain amount of queue items.

You could go for a more advanced approach which could even considered if the item were approved individually (ex: having the loading report as input with one approval field)

Basically there are a lot of design and possibilities

One of the main purpose of the queue is to have your workload splitable between several robot meanwhile having a good way to audit each transaction processed.

You can read more about queue in here