Make a Body o Email

Hi everyone, i want to make a body of email, but i have a problem, i need to make the body more friendly to the client, and don’t make the client write html text, so i want to know if somebody know how to do more friendly the body, but always given the format html.

Thnks !

What body format are you expecting to create?
Give an example

Hi Nadim,

I make a Word Text, and take the information to the body of the email.

Im new, can upload a file T_T

I want to the client, always can rewrite the text.


Person Name




<p style ="color:black"><big> Some text .<br><br>

More text


i Cant*

I’m not saying this is the correct answer for you, but what if you created your email body in Word, then saved it as an .html file. Then, you can probably use Read Text File of that html file, and use the text in the Body property with “IsHTML” property checked when you send the email.

For me though, I have a shared workflow I recently made where you can formulate any email body with text, images, and tables (formatting included). So that’s one option if you can create something like that, however I’m not able to share mine at this time.


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