Mail merge help!

Hi yes,
I have a logic code question . So I did a batch mail merge with a power shell script in UiPath,so I merged multiple Microsoft documents into one single document (ex.finalmergeddoc.docx)but now I had a requirement change for my output. I have to not only convert the Microsoft doc to pdf but I also have a condition to set, for example all odd pages will be merged to one pdf doc and named (ex.OddpagesOnly.pdf)and then the same will happen for all even pages to another pdf (ex.EvenpagesOnly.pdf). Like I said I’m using a powershellscript for the half off but I’m
Not too fimilar with power shell any tips or advice

Hi @Jazzy_Reacts ,

You can directly use the UiPath pdf activities for this no need of power shell script. Firstly you can split the finalmerged.pdf into multiple pdfs named with their page number using split pdf activity . After you loop over these files and basis on their name you can merge them in oddpages.pdf or evenpages.pdf

Hi yes so my original doc is word doc how would I be able to convert that to pdf???

Also do you have an example on how I can merge the pdf docs in one page