Mail body automation

Hi I am automating the mail process and I wrote body(String) like given below but I am getting the error “String constants must end with the double quote”. I am not getting where I did a mistake. Please help me.

“Hi”+row(“First Name”).ToString+
"This Is Robot From Company
Your profile created successfully In google forms And added To our database

Please confirm Me below details are correct Or Not

Your details are :"+
"FirstName: "+row(“First Name”).ToString+
"LastName: " +row(“Last Name”).ToString+
"company : "+row(“Company”).ToString+
"Email : "+row(“Email”).ToString+
"City : "+row(“City”).ToString+
"Address : "+row(“Address”).ToString+
"Phone : "+row(“Phone”).ToString+
"UpdatedTS : 00.00.19 00;00;00

Please find the attachment saved As proof

To manage your details again, please click On below link"

“For more information please write email To []”

“Best Regards”
Some Company Pvt Ltd
Bangalore+91 0000000000”

check the italic characters.

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The entire string should be in a single line but not in multi-line.


The following will not work.

str = "Hi" +
" Sir"

The following will work.

str = "Hi" + " Sir"

If you want multi-line in the body of the email -

str = "Hi" + Environment.NewLine + "Sir"

Karthik Byggari


Hi @taksilsahil,

You can use “VbCrlf” as well for a new line and what @KarthikByggari write is absolutely correct.


wherever you are using it as arguement, like row(“FirstName”) , replace with Single Quotes --> row(‘FirstName’) . Each and every place.

Mark as solution if it works.