Macro in UIPath

Hi Team,
Could you please help me out to execute Macro in excel.

You can always search the forum for relevant questions.

Do you know there is an activity for that? Or do you want to know how that works?

I want to How Macro works with UI Path.

We have Run excel macro command…Use it in Excel scope Application command … it will run the macro…

Hi Team,
I am trying to execute Macro in Uipath, But am unable to execute.
Could you please someone help me in this case. And my file name is “‘C:\Users\vpottava\Desktop\Venkat_OpenItem Macro for Dashboards V2.7.xlsm’!Openitem”

Kindly find the attached error message for reference.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @venkat9196,

I assume this error due to by Excel not by the UiPath.

This error can occur for a number of different reasons.
1.A common one is that a sheet that doesn’t exist is referenced in the code,
2.Any spaces in the file name.
3.When you use the Location property or Location.Address.

Please check above solution and let me know.

Hi Padilla,
Thank you so much for quick response.
I tried with without spaces and new micro, but it’s not working.


Please check this

hi Neha,
Plese Tell me HOw to execute excel macro

pls try below ,