Looping through two different excel columns

Hi guys,
I have many columns in an excel. Suppose column ‘C’ contains company codes & ‘E’ contains corresponding emailID. Now I want to select the emailID for a particular company code. What are the steps for this?

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1.Pass your datatable to the for each row.
2.Inside the for each row use condition and give condition like this = row(“company codes”).ToString.Equals(InputtedCompanyCode).
3.If above condition is true, it will move to then part and use row(“EmailId”).ToString

Hi, thanks for your reply.
Could you please elaborate the first step a little bit (Pass your datatable to the for each row)

First read your excel file using the read range activity, you will get the datatable as a output from that.
Then use For each row activity - for this activity give your datatable as input.
This is first step.