Looping in dictionary

I have 10 key values in dictionary. Out of that , i have 3 url and 3 username password . I need to loop through 3 URL and open it in browser with username and password provided as key value in dictionary .
Example dictionary
(Url1, http:www.Gmail. com)
(Url1, http: www.example.com)
(Login username, test)
(Login passwOrd, password )
Anyone please tell me how to do this

If you are planning to store URLs and credentials consider using the Assets in the Orchestrator or the config file in the framework and Windows credential manager to store this information.

Attaching a sample workflow though for your current requirement.Dictionary.xaml (7.7 KB)

This is useful. can you suggest me the below scenario
I want to store the item.string in list. I mean within the foreach i need to store al the list item in list or arry

Hi @DeviE,

Use add to collection activity to add the value into the list


It is throwing error

. what is the collection, item

Hi @DeviE,

You are passing both value as string.

In collection you need to pass the list variable.

Create one list variable.

Listvalue =new List(of String)
Type of argument is string


Got it. Thanks