Loop trough files in a folder and assign title to excel

Hi I have a folder with several pdf files. Wonder how i can loop trough all the pdf files and get the title from each file and assign that title to a excel sheet :slight_smile:

You can use Directory.GetFiles(pathOfThatFolder)------------It will give you all files in that folder
ex Directory.GetFiles(“C:/PDF”)
Iterate them in a loop using For Each
then u can use scrapping of pdf and pick title and the using write cell u can write them in a excel



Check attached

BlankProcess14.zip (21.8 KB)

Hope this helps


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hi thanks, made it work actually was not that hard. but wonder if it possible to cut out the string ? the name it get now its something.pdf but can i remove the .pdf ?


in Assign - filename place


This will give you only filename

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perfect! thanks m8

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