Loop through folders

Hi, I have to loop through folders but from todays year/month/date. then I have folders named by time where then are files which I have to read. The robot is processing the workflow once a day so I can’t assing varibale with Now.ToString but with function GetDirectories or GetFiles.




Hi @markosc

Let’s assume the year folder is inside this folder “C:\Projects\Data”

We have to append the year, month and date with this folder like,
strText = “C:\Projects\Data” + now.tostring(“yyyy”)+ “” + now.tostring(“MM”) + “” + now.tostring(“dd”) + “”

After that use strMin = directory.getdirectories(strText) will return all the minutes and second folders,

After that use directory.getfiles(strMin) will return all the files inside the minutes and second folder

Thank you so much!

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