Loop through a specific column to a specific column

I have a row and for example I have columns A to Z. how will I start the loop from J to X only?

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Hi @molf

for each row in datatable
specifying the column name or index in your condition

Ex : row.item(“column name”) or row.item(0).



Hi @molf

  1. Being a single row use a while loop with condition like counter < 25
    where counter is initialized with value 9

  2. inside the while loop to get the value of each column value in a single row
    use assign activity like
    out_value = datatable.row(0)(counter).ToString

  3. Next to this assign activity again use a assign activity with increment of counter in order to iterate to the next column
    counter = counter + 1

  4. Thats all now you can make use of that variable anywhere you want

Hope this would help you


Does that work Buddy… @molf


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