Loop from one dictionary to another dictionary

good evening,

I have to extract, from a dictionary, the values in a datatable by correspondence to each column.
My dictionary is as follows: dictionary (of String, dictionary (of String, String)
I can’t loop on the values of my second dictionary in the second loop.
How to also assign its value in the corresponding datatable column?

Thank you for your help

Hi @Julien_Horreau ,

I believe you would not require the inner For Each activity. We could directly assign Inner Dictionaries values to the Add Data Row activity.

Give a try by using currentItem.Value.Values in ArrayRow property of Add Data Row activity.
The DataRow property is not needed.

Let us know if this doesn’t work.

no, it doesn’t work, it turns that back to me:


@Julien_Horreau ,

It was mentioned to remove the value in DataRow property and add the suggested Expression to ArrayRow property.

Hi @Julien_Horreau ,

Slight modification to the Expression :



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