LookUp Range for similar values

Hi in this excel below using lookUp Range activity,
I am looking for “Needle” my excel sheet contains needle_Boat on A8 & needle on A14 instead of picking needle on A14 my lookup range is giving me the value A8 is there any way i can get A14 using look up range

Did you try using regex?
Like " * needle * "

will try using Regex and get back to you. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Aveena_Shiby,

What is the outcome you wanted to achieve after getting the value “needle” ?

I want to change the value of needle a value that i get from a data table

hi @Aveena_Shiby,

Look Up Range will return you the first value found. That is in your case is A8.

2 ways this can be achieved .

  1. In the lookup Range , we specify the Range from A9:D30 - This will give you A14.

2.Second way is to Use DataTable.

a. use read range and read the complete Data in a DatatTable day DT
b.use a for each to iterate the DataTable.
c. Inside For each - Check If : row(item).toString.equals(“Needles”)
d. If True- Assign : row(“value”)=“NewValue”.


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Hi @Aveena_Shiby,

See the second recommendation. Slight changes to @mukeshkala recommendation where you can get the Excel cell location and immediately exit For Each activity. Write Cell activity to replace the value.


Thank you Green Tea the solution worked

Thank you mukeshkala adding both your sol it worked :slight_smile:

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