Lookup in excel

I have two columns A and B, i want to compare these two values with the two values of another excel file for example if i have column A values as 50 and column B value as YES if the exact two values are found on a same row in different excel i want to another cell from second excel file to the first one in another column

Hi @ashish_negi,

Can you provide sample excel sheet with inputs and and expected output.


SOATerm_01_42_39.xlsx (9.7 KB)

in above file there in sheet1 column 1 and column 2 has values if bot finds these two values same in sheet2 in above file then its should write the column 2 value of sheet1 in column3 of sheet2, if i would use lookup datatable it can only check for one value but i want to check two values of sheet one at the same time and then get the index number or something else so that i can write on corresponding row


This should work fine:
1-10-2022.xaml (9.9 KB)


Thanks for the response , earlier this was the only approach i was going through but its taking a lot of time for the bot i wanted to know some alternative for this to take less time as the transactions in both excel is a lot.

Oh, it was better if you have mentioned that the data was large, but it’s okay. Some tweaks we can do are:

1-10-2022.xaml (10.3 KB)


If the above alternative didn’t work out. We can try of another one.

have a look on the following options:

  • join datatable activtiy
  • LINQ statement