Lookup Data Table error - lookup column category the value for argument columnindex is not set or is invalid

Trying to understand what I’m missing in navigating a datatable with LookupDataTable. I have a valid datatable read from an excel file and a valid LookupValue that I should be able to find a match on in columnindex 4 of the table I’m trying to read. Simple match I would think. However, I cannot get any of the “Lookup Column” options to work. Keep getting “lookup column category the value for argument is not set or is invalid”. Attaching a screenshot sorry for having to remove a lot of info for privacy.

Appreciate any advice on what I’m missing.

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Buddy @jlhoff350

Welcome back to uipath community buddy and thats really a great question to start with after a long gap

Buddy you lookup is good, i think there is some issue with argument been passed or argument been referred to , here the argument been passed is correct with the columnindex, so we need to check whether reference is set, kindly check whether the read range activity has the add headers property enabled or not, that should be one reason or still if it doesn’t work for the last try mention the columnname in lookupcolumn property or mention the columnindex in target column property…That would work buddy @jlhoff350
Kindly let know whether this works or not buddy
lets sort this out…because you are almost done

Thanks for the suggestion. My addheaders property on the read range is already set and I had already tried reading via the ColumnName property with no luck. See new screenshot attached. @Palaniyappan