Login Failure

Hi, I have an issue when i try to login on ACME. Once I typied in my username and password and i pressed enter, it blinks and then empty the username and password boxes. Do you guys know what happens? Thanks!

Hi, Instead of hitting enter, try to click on the log in button.

This will solve the issue.

Pavan H

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I had some issues on login also. I just ran that step on a loop until it was successful.

HI @TianhaoHu

After typing the email and the password, hitting enter will not work in ACME system 1 to login to the system. You will need to click on the Login button to sign in. I think it is designed in that way to practice the click activity as well…

Let know how that works…

Why did you run the login process in a loop? Didn’t quite understand the logic there… can you explain?

At times the login wasn’t recognised as valid, even though it was the correct credentials. The behaviour was inconsistent, therefore I simply used a Do While loop and it kept entering the credentials until it arrived at the home screen of the application after logging in

Tried both. It seems like connection error. I am not sure.