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Hi there

Before ask my question, just wanna start off by saying UiPath is the BEST!!

After automating a process that involved excel docs as inputs, I realized that the function of letting the robot work in the background is awesome, however, I feel like having a loading screen to help track the progress of the robot with regards to its background process, would be cooler.

One thing I learnt is that new guys just assume the robot is done or broken whenever is working in the background, so to put a sign or loading screen that shows the progress of the robot work in the background will be more helpful.

All in all I am super happy with UiPath, I believe it is the future!!

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Hi @Zac
I first heard this Idea in stackoverflow (not the ideal place to ask uipath questions) and it didn’t sound like a very needed feature because it’s all about execution and since the robot is doing what it suppose to do there is nothing much important than this, but then when I started doing this myself the presentations were less eye catching, it just like the robots have partially lost their wow effect, so I felt the need for this.

definitely a good idea especially if the loading is alongside with some details about what the robot is doing.

but we must keep in mind that this is not something that will go into production since the trace must be rather logged because this is more efficient, yet for development purposes or even some cases of attended robots this can come in handy.


Hi @reda

Thanks for your quick reply, I understand.

Thank you very much.

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