List/array in uiapth

how to check if all the elements of the list or array are unique ?
list is basically set of dates
{ [05.06.2019], [18.09.2020], [26.04.2021], [31.12.2021] }

If yourList.Distinct().Count id Different to yourList.Count then we do have non distinct values

List_Date.Distinct().Count <> List_Date.Count
its giving same value even when one value is different and two values are same
so all conditions it showing same dates and value of MulDates is False

List_Date is not storing in datacolumn2
what should be column datatype and how to add data row ?

@Sakshi_Jain - Please check this workflow
Regex_Sakshi_Unique (66.2 KB)

I have showed you how to find the distinct dates and the counts here…

so even if one value is different it should consider as multiple values