LINQ to find a value in a column?

Hi, I have a column called Product Code and a corresponding field called Todays Stock. The file has over 15,000 lines so a for each takes ages.

Is there a LINQ query to help me find the todays stock value using the product code? That returns a value and returns something else if it cannot find it?

I’m trying to learn a bit of LINQ also so if you could explain the answer also I would greatly appreciate it


if you want to find the value in a specified column

dt.asenumerable.any(function(x) x(“Product Code”).tostring.contains(“Todays Stock”))

gives you a boolean output


So if the code for the input I have is 123, it will find 123 in the file and then give me the value in todays stock?


can you explain what is the input and what is the output you are expecting clearly

Hi @aquinn ,

I believe Todays Stock is a row value and corresponding to it you would require the Product Code column’s value. If that is the case, then you can check with the below Expression :

DT.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(x)x(0).ToString.Equals("Todays Stock")).Select(Function(x)x("Product Code").ToString).FirstOrDefault

In the above Expression, we have assumed that the row value Todays Stock will be present in the First Column, and hence we have used the index 0.

For Learnings on Linq, You could check the below Posts :

Do Also note that, we have assumed your data representation also, If you could provide us with the Data format or Representation then we could confirm the working.

I have a value I will input which will be a code, using this code I need to get the value that is within the todays stock field, so for example if my input was 000892 I would need my output to be 8

it is a typical lookup case.

we made good experiences when using a lookup dictionary for it (Constraint: all product codes are unique)

dictLookUp =

dtData.AsEnumerable.ToDictionary(Function (x) x("ProductCodeCol").toString.Trim, Function (x) x("Stock").toString.Trim)

before accessing the lookUpDict by dictLookUp(“myProdCode”)

we check with the ContainsKey method.

It could look like this

myStock = IF(dictLookUp.ContainsKey("myProdCode"), dictLookUp("myProdCode"), "NA")


dict_values=dt.asenumerable.todictionary(function(x) x(“Product Code”).tostring,Function(r) r(“Stock”).tostring)

create a dictionary with name dict_values



gives you output as 8


I have put this into a dictionary of and it cannot convert? what variable type do I need?

Thank you, what variable type would the dictLookUp variable be?

Dictionary(Of String, String)


You need to intializate the dictionary
New dictionary(of string,string)

In the varaibles panel pass this in the default value of that dictvariable

you got the exception due a wrong datatype was configured

I am still getting it here

Even when i initalise it i get this issue

is ensured that all double quotes are of type " and not inverted ones

Also it is recommended to avoid multiple assign activity when implementing never-have-done-before things

This is the code I am using to convert to dictionary - DT_codes.AsEnumerable.ToDictionary(Function (x) x(“Product Code”).toString.Trim, Function (x) x(“Available Physical Stock - Today”).toString.Trim)

We would prefer screenshots or code sharing by using </> format button from editor

so we would have to state:

we do see the inverted ones

Im sorry i dont understand, if i use ‘’ it just comments the code out? Im new to dictionaries and LINQ so I apologise

This is the code that is giving me an error - This is what I am using DT_codes.AsEnumerable.ToDictionary(Function (x) x("Product Code").toString.Trim, Function (x) x("Available Physical Stock - Today").toString.Trim)