Linq query for matching and joining the data table

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Am very bad in Linq query so need your help. I am matching 2 coloumns data from diff data table and joining both the datatables basis match. Please suggest me linq qeury. I tried JOIN Data tables, but it didnt work as its showing 0 match but when am checking manually, there is match.

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Hi @taruna.mehra

Can you please provide more details about the structure of your data tables and the specific columns you want to match? Also, let us know if you have any specific conditions or criteria for the matching process.

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Hi @taruna.mehra

You can try this, Dt1.AsEnumerable.Except(Dt2.AsEnumerable,DataRowComparer.Default).Count>0

I hope It may helps you!!


Need to match J column from dt1 and K column from dt2 then need to join dt & dt2.



Need to match columns data dt1 and dt2. This won’t work i guess.


Hi @taruna.mehra

Try this,

(From a In Dt1.AsEnumerable()
            Join b In Dt2.AsEnumerable()
            On a("matching_Column") Equals b("Matching_Column")
            Select OutputDataTable.Rows.Add({a("Matching_Column"), a("Col_1"), a("Col_2"), b("Col_3"), b("Col_4")})



Can you try this query:

Dim joinedData = From row1 In dt1.AsEnumerable()
                 Join row2 In dt2.AsEnumerable()
                 On row1.Field(Of String)("J") Equals row2.Field(Of String)("K")
                 Select New With
                     .Column1 = row1.Field(Of String)("J"),
                     .Column2 = row2.Field(Of String)("K")

Dim dtResult As New DataTable()

For Each item In joinedData
    Dim newRow As DataRow = dtResult.NewRow()
    newRow("Column1") = item.Column1
    newRow("Column2") = item.Column2

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Invoke code?


Yes, you can try it in Invoke Code activity.

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Hi, its showing error.

Hi @taruna.mehra

Cna you try this one -

var query = from row1 in dt1.AsEnumerable()
join row2 in dt2.AsEnumerable()
on row1.Field(“Column1”) equals row2.Field(“Column2”)
select new
Column1 = row1.Field(“Column1”),
Column2 = row2.Field(“Column2”),
// Add other columns you want to include in the result

DataTable resultTable = query.CopyToDataTable();

I hope it helps!


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