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hi . how can i copy data from row using linq.
i’m comparing 2 id in two different excel . and if the the id in excel 1 find the id in excel 2 it will copy the value of specific column

i used this code to compare two id and write default value in specific column

If(IsNothing (MSMEDT.AsEnumerable.Where(Function (x) x(3).ToString.Equals(currentrow(7).ToString)).FirstOrDefault()),“”,“MSME”)

my goal now is to get the value of specific column with the same condition.

please help me :frowning:

Hi @ldiaz

Can you share the sample input and required output.

Hi @ldiaz

Try this approach


Refer the project (15.3 KB)

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thank you sir. it works :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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