Limiting UiPath search and opening url's on a browser

Hello all, I have filtered some data using regex onto a excel worksheet, I have several data on that worksheet, now i need to use one of the columns to get the URL’s and open them in a browser,

how can I specify the column that i mean to search and what would be the best function to use for opening the url’s in the browser? I’m new to UiPath so I still lack knowledge of what is the best operation to use for each case.

Thank you in advance


In the loop

Currentrow(“Columnname”).ToString will give you the url…

Use a open browser if browser is not open already and pass above as url

Else if browser is open you can use navigate url

Also in modern activities you have use application/browser…

All of these would work for oepning url

Hope this helps


Hello @Anil_G should it look like this?


This is correct…but i guess you gave excel column name…you need to give the column name from the first row…

If column names are not there then you can use column nunber…E will be column 4 as the column index starts from 0


Everything working great, thank you very much, last question, this is opening a new window for every instance, how can i set it to open in a new tab? I’ve searched but i believe if i put new session = False it will not open any window at all


There is no direct way…

You can acheive that using the below


@Anil_G sorry to bother once again but what activity shoul be under the box on the image, I itried “Go To URL” but i get an error prompt saying it has to be used on “use aplication/browser”


Go to url is a modern activity and modern activities work in use application/browser activity…


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