Limit RE Framework to only do x number of transactions

Hi, I have an RE Framework that checks email for a list of items that get loaded to a queue. The automation will work on what is on the queue. I would like to have the automaton only complete up to 20 transactions. I’m not sure what mechanisms I can use to accomplish this level of control so that the automation can either exit and then next time it is kicked off it continues working on the queue. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Create an integer argument and integer counter variable. Increment the counter after processing each transaction. Then you can do “if counter = in_limiter” to get it to stop, and you can set how many to process in Orchestrator in the Process, Trigger, or Job parameters.

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Another way is Create an integer argument like in_MaxEmails = 20
Then in Get Transaction Data state — In If condition — ShouldStop OrElse TransactionNumber > int_MaxEmails

This will process only 20 transactions.
You should be able to set limited transactions number in in_MaxEmails as and when required.

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