Level 3 Assignment 2 - ReportFilePath is showing incorrect path

I am stuck with ReportfilePath which is navigating i.e. getting saved under incorrect path

ReportFilePath is given as path.Combine(Environment.CurrentDirectory,in_ReportsDownloadPath,“Report-” +in_TaxID+"-"+ in_Year.ToString + “-” + Month+".csv")

While Debugging observed that ReportFilePath value is becoming null and slashes are added in in_ReportsDownloadPath

Can someone help with Yearly Report Download workflow where I have missed

Hi @Leela_Javvaji

Check this

Ashwin S

Hi @AshwinS2

My issue is Path.Combine is not working when I checked individually. When I am using path.combine of environment.currentdirectory with other value then ReportFilePath actually not combining the value of current directory. Its getting saved in some other directory

Hi @Leela_Javvaji
Check this

Ashwin S

As said in the above, I restarted my workflow but still its same. And also to have trail version, I have written small steps to check path.combine working but its not. PFB

And I have system.IO namespace as well as stated in the above solution

Attaching my create yearly report workflow also. Please help to understand where I have missedSystem1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (37.0 KB) Main.xaml (59.6 KB) Process.xaml (24.0 KB)

Can someone help me on this issue

hi @Leela_Javvaji
In type into activity enable Simulate Type
hope this will work

hi @Abdulkader_Sandouka1

I have tried with both the ways by checking and unchecking Simulate type but it didnt work

Use this below code and check,

Send me your path which is you assigned to this variable,
If any back slash is present at the end of the “in_ReportsDownloadPath”, remove that.

Slashes are added in in_ReportsDownloadPath. Not sure why its being added everytime and also path.combine is not combing the path of current direct directory with in_ReportsDownloadPath

Put single back slash every where in in_ReportsDownloadPath and try.

in_ReportsdownloadPath value is fetching from config file only as per my understanding.Please correct if I am wrong

and also why its not routing to current directory.

Remove end back slash and check if you get any error.

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Hi @Manish540

Thank you very much. It worked now and its pasted correct value.
1 more small help . Merge Datatable is showing now Object reference not set to instance of an object

Source Datatable has value

How you created the “dt_YearlyReport” datatable in the workflow???..
Whether you created the “dt_YearlyReport” in the assign as,
“dt_YearlyReport = new Datatable”


Thanks alot :slight_smile: @Manish540

It worked

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Your Welcome
Happy Automation :smiley:

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