Level 3 Assignment 1 - Unable to upload compressed workflow files after screen record got uploaded

Hi everyone,
After finished the assignment, I uploaded the screen record for Assignment No. 1 as the first step. When attempting to upload the compressed workflow project file, I find NO where I can upload the file.

My questions is, uploading the screen record along will qualify for the evaluation? (I am really doubting about it though), if not, how to upload the zip file after screen record being uploaded?

Thank you.

After screen record uploaded succeed, the screen is shown as below.
Again, NO where to upload the zip file.

screen Record replace the zip upload buddy, there are 3 ways to send your assignment, first one is uploading a screenshot, second is update the zip, and the third is recording, as we can see you use the third way, so you don’t need to send again you zip

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Thank you for the reply.
Good to know the recording will do the work.
By the way, usually how long it will take to get the result?

first remember to check in the email from Academy and ACME are the same, check in ACME system if you have passed the assignment, and the time will depends from academy, can take until 4 o 5 days, some times just a minutes or hours. it’s very relative and don’t know what’s the reason.

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Thank you fernando_zuluaga!

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