Let queue-trigger to be handled by a specific robot only?

We have two robot-servers, we have certain task that should run on a single server only because they are so demanding and time consuming.

Main robot will go through tickets and when it come across a GUID/correlation id in the ticket it shall then create a queue-item with given GUID and caseID.

Since the particular queue in question is trigger another job, that job is then fired up on the same machine as where the main robot created the queue-item from.

So, if main robot runs on Server B, it come across a GUID and creates a queue-item (so far all good), the queue-trigger another job to run, but it also wants to run on Server B.

I want the second job to always run on Robot 1 on Server A (always).

But according to documentation in the queue trigger it says this: “The queue trigger runs in the environment associated to the selected process.”

What i try to do is separate that the main robot runs on Server B on robot 2 and the queue-items will be handled on Server A on robot 1 (because we dont know how long time each queue item will take to process.

If i run a trigger in a time fashion then i can select which server/robot that handles that trigger, but if the trigger is based on a queue, then i have very limited choices.

Has anyone any suggestion how to get around this or possible without having a trigger that is run every 2min?

You can’t. It’s a major deficiency in queue triggers.

I suggest replying to this post to add your feedback.

Hi @FJ_Andersen

I have an idea. Which may or may not suit your needs.

Which version of Orchestrator do you have? Depending on that this might work.

Its a work around but should work.

In later versions of Orchestrator (atleast in 2020.10) you can assign the user but not the machine.

Here is my idea:
Modern Folders allow you to assign Machine Templates. So if you made a subfolder you could restrict to 1 machine. So create a dedicated subfolder where this process will reside. You will need to update the queue to the subfolder also.

Step 1: Create New folder/SubFolder.
Step 2: Create/replicate Queue in Subfolder.
Step 3: Assign process to Subfolder.
Step 4: Apply Machine Template - by starting a new job and click the ‘Assign Machine’ icon.

Step 5: Then Assign/restrict the machine to Server A.
Step 6: Setup trigger with Robot1.

Hopefully this helps.


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You should create an enviroment. Only one robot should connect with this enviroment. You should select this enviroment when you create processes. So queue trigger run in only one server.